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Creation: 1996

Creators: Wood Technology experts and Wood Technology engineers who are active since over 40 years in the field of lumber drying. They participated since decades in executive possitions when the first world wide all-aluminum dry kiln were designed in Germany during the 1970s.

Milestones of Innovation:



First generation of UHT Kilns allow to reduce drying times by 50% compared to conventional drying.



Accelerated dry kilns with air speeds up to 9 m/s “are writing the book of drying history” (citing a well known research scientist of FRI in NZ.)



OXIVENT System revolutionize the uniformity in coloration and steam treatment of sawn lumber.

Accelerated dry kilns of the MH-ACT series with high heat capacities decrease drying times for 40 mm pine from 60 to 50 h.



Start-up of a industrial sized Softwood Laboratory Dry Kiln with about 35 m3 capacity for industrial research and development.

First ECOVENT-Energy recovery system installed in USA.

Production of a industrial sized Lab-Kiln for hardwood with aprox. 30 m3 capacity.



Direct heated large capacity dryers allow 10% increase in thermic efficiency in the hard wood drying process.



Computer Control MM4000 with industrial components in heavy duty design for harsh sawmill environments.

Annual production capacity increase to over 100 units.

Start-up of the world biggest free-span all aluminum pre-dryer with 28 m free span construction.

First Large capacity dryer Type MH2000 VT-K-Reco for combined drying and steaming with net capacity of 450 m3.



ECO-HEAT System for energymanagement of a large production site controlling the priority selection of energy flow within 18 dry kilns.

Accelerated dry kilns of the 3rd generation perform drying times of 40 h for 38 mm Softwoods with drying temperatures below 100 °C.

Measuring of wood moisture with a new system based on weighing the complete kiln charge.

Automatisation of air guiding devices inside the kiln for decreased charge exchange times and higher operational security.

ECOVENT II System in Softwood sawmill allows 8% economy in thermic energy consumption.



Yearly production increases to over 170 units.



Accelerated Kilns of type ACT/UHT with TURBOVENT System provide 20% increase in capacity without additional electric consumption.

Annual production increasd to 240 Units.

ECO-VENT II of the newest generation allow up to 12% lower thermic energy consumption and important reduction of noice emission.

Motorized large size kiln doors for automatic ans save door operation.

Accelerated Dry Kilns Type UHT II are performing drying times of 6–7 h for 40 mm Softwoods.



New manufacturing facility with 7000 m2 surface allow a max. capacity of 500 kilns per year.

Computer Control MM8000 with industrial components provide Service-Independence of MAHILD customers.

Development of UNI-VENT air guiding system for more uniform airspeed distribution in dry kilns.

Set-up of the first “whisper” dry kiln of the MAHILD MH 2000 “LOW NOISE” series. Extremely low noise emission and high thermal insulation range characterize this series.

Drying Kilns of all series can be delivered in the MAHILD MH 2000 “AIR” version. Increased air speeds enable up to 40% faster drying.



The second generation ultra high temperature chambers TMT II for wood temperature treatment is introduced in Europe and in South America. These new machines come with incorporated heat and do not need high boiler investments.

The new control system MM4100 with AIR MULTI MEASURING is adopted in Europe for the first time.

A new generation of ultra high temperature dry kiln, MH 2000 UHT ST model, enables a considerable saving of energy, yet faster drying and extremely low maintenance intervals.

Market launch of the trend-setting Computer Control MM 8500, equipped with:

  1. Automatic drying guidance without wood moistness sensors.
  2. Wireless wood moisture measurement.
  3. Weight measurement according to the principle of sample boards.

Set-up of a new, fully automated computer-controlled CNC machining centre, enabling fast, flexible, just-in-time production. Application of higher-grade materials is thus possible.

A new process for drying treated wood is introduced to the market.



Computer controlled rolling mill for profiled sheets goes into production.

High pressure DUO-FAN air ventilation system sets new norm for energy usage and efficient wood drying.



Introduction of large scale all stainless steel construction kilns for extreme applications.

Heat recovery system for TMT kilns



First Wood Modification kiln Mahild Type - TMT40 goes into operation with excellent results in quality and productivity.

Zonal Wood Moisture Measuring system is introduced. The average moisture content of each zone of the kiln is measured. Each zone can consist of several m³ of wood.



Weight Based Wood Moisture measuring system is introduced. Option 1: Sample boards are measured using highly accurate weigh scales inside the kiln, this is then translated to wood moisture content. Option 2: Complete/ Part charges are measured using highly accurate weigh scales inside the kiln, this is then translated to wood moisture content.

Engineered and constructed earth quake resistant, high capacity kilns for high risk earthquakes areas.


ECOVENT DUPLEX with double heat recovery capacity



FLEXPRESS Restraint system to minimize deformations for top layers in lumber piles.

CONTRAFLOW Continuous Dryers with two-way track loading, constant heat consumption, complete recovery of exhaust energy, and Production up to 150.000 m³ p.a. in one kiln.

ECOVENTSOLAR Combination of proven ECOVENT technology together with solar recovery system.

Revolutionary new welding system for pipework is introduced in Mahild manufacturing facility that enables to meet all worldwide codes ( BS, ANSI, DIN, ISO etc. )



ADC drying programs based on real-time weight measurement of the drying charge are developed

DUPLEX ECOVENT retrofits can be fitted to existing dry kilns (independent of manufacturer) enable up to 25% thermal energy savings.

Introduction of PROZONE wood moisture measuring equipment, which can be used to track the moisture content of the lumber as it travels through a CONTRAFLOW continuous kiln.

Utilization of low temperature, hot water (60-75°C) from the discharge of thermal power plant. Return temperatures up to 40°C through Mahild –LUVO Technologie.

Recovery of the condensate from ECOVENT or ECOVENT DUPLEX and used for the conditioning process.

Installation of new, latest generation welding robots for manufacturing of the heating coils.



Large-capacity TMT kilns with mixed heating media to reduce gas consumption.

MH ACTIVE, exhaust air control from ECOVENT that prevents the emission of heated drying air into the environment.

New Laser cutting machine enables an increase in production of 45% for the Mahild sheet metal facility.

Startup of a new coil machine for shaping and cutting of aluminum sheets.

Special Drying procedure MH2000 ZT for chemical wood pulp products for insulation of power transformers.

Paint dryer MH2000 LT with automatic zone regulation technique for drying water based paint, space-saving through multiple layer design.



Process gas cleaning system MH EFLOX for pressure controlled, post-combustion of exhaust gases from TMT process.

Regulation software MM4000 with Customer specific visualization (WINCC, Wonderware, Intouch, Citect, RSView, etc.)

Modernization of existing double and single track kilns to make a CONTRAFLOW continuous dry kiln, providing an increase of 50% in production with no additional thermal energy requirements.

TOPPRESS NEXT GENERATION hydraulic pressure system for individual pressure load for every single package in the drying chamber.

MH CRT Drying schedules enable an increase of 10% of productivity in addition to 10% saving of thermal and electric energy.

Start of new planning processes for expansion of the production to additional 3000 m² manufacture area

Startup of Mahild Drying Technologies LLC, USA.

Steam condensate, energy recovery system MH FLASH to reduce the amount of flash steam in a condensate vessel.

Implementing of a Trumpf- laser cutting machine for fully automatic pipe machining.