Environmental Policy

At MAHILD we are committed to good environmental practices and are working towards reducing the environmental impact of our business.

We are endeavouring continues improvements resulting in the reduction of our carbon footprint.

  • We are committed to reducing our energy consumption and water usage during drying
  • Recycle heat, water and electricity where feasible
  • Reduce noise and exhaust air emissions
  • Train, improve awareness and include our teams to help implement and continually improve our environmental objectives
  • Commit to our objectives by providing services which exceed our customers requirements and expectations
  • Encourage the use of environmentally sustainable components
  • Encourage suppliers and customers to operate good environmental practice and improve their own environmental awareness
  • Monitor our policy and objectives to ensure they are implemented - Green team

This policy has been reviewed by the board of directors who are committed to operate good environmental practices in all companies of the Mahild Group.

Thank you for your help in preserving the earth's resources.