Resistance measuring

The standard procedure for wood moisture measurement is available from day one.

Weighing system

Introduction of a new method for the determination of the wood moisture content by means of weight measurements of the entire dryer batch.

Control system MM 8500

Market launch of the trend-setting control system MM 8500, equipped with:

  • Automatic drying guidance without wood moistness sensors.
  • Wireless wood moisture measurement.
  • Weight measurement according to the principle of sample boards.



Zonal wood moisture measuring system is introduced. The average moisture content of several cubic metres of wood can be determined per zone.

Weight based wood moisture measuring system

New weight based wood moisture measurement system is introduced. High-precision scales inside the drying chamber weight single board samples, wood stacks or complete chamber batches to measure the wood moisture.


Adapted to each customer, each kiln and each Species, the Multi-Hum estimates the moiture content during the entire drying process. Using research performed by our own wood technologies engineering team, we were able to develop a formula that uses the current conditions in the kiln to determine a very accurate moisture measurement, eliminating the need for wired probes or any other type of direct measuring of moisture.


The PROZONE wood moisture measuring device was successfully used in the CONTRAFLOW kiln for the first time.