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Energy Strategy

Low noise emission & heat recovery, type MAHILD ECO-VENT I and MAHILD ECO-VENT II is environment-friendly, minimizing energy usage.

Wood treatment chambers for pallet and packing-lumber. Option of direct-fired gas or oil heating systems if there is no boiler available on site.

Dry Kilns require an energy supply. It is important to keep the energy costs as low as possible. Steam, Hot water, Thermal oil and Co-generation (waste energy from electric generators) are possible heat sources. In case they are not available MAHILD offers direct heating systems using gas or oil, this especially suits single-kiln configuration. MAHILD promotes the use of renewable energy sources.

Cost-efficient low temperature media: Power station cooling tower heat can be efficiently used for wood drying with MAHILD kilns. MAHILD control systems arrange optimal usage of the thermal energy provided.

The photo below shows a Steamboiler used for electricity production and providing thermic energy for high-speed kilns with yearly output of more than 250,000 m³ lumber.

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