Usutu in South Africa increases drying capacity by 30% with a new MH2000 K ECOVENT

CFX Contraflow kiln

Costa Iberica

New plant type CFX goes into operation. With these continuous kilns, Costa Iberica replaces the existing conventional kilns and reaches an annual volume of approx. 1,890,000 pallets.

Ligna 2019

Mahild Lumber Dry Kiln TMT 40 Castro

Maderas Hermanos Castro

Maderas Hermanos Castro invests in the kiln type TMT-40 for thermal lumber modification.


Forestal Andes

After a successful project in 2016, Forestal Andes buys again from Mahild. 4 kilns of the type MH2000 ACT ECOVENT DUPLEX increase the production by another 60.000m³.

Pfeifer Uelzen Contraflow

Pfeifer Uelzen

Commissioning of the first CONTRAFLOW plant in Europe: After Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil and China, the first CONTRAFLOW kiln in Germany is going into operation. This will expand the drying capacity of lateral lumber at Pfeifer Uelzen by 70,000 m³ per year. The plant type MH2000 CF LT combines low and high temperatures from flue gas condensation.


Blocks & Cutstock

Block & Cutstock was convinced by the Mahild technology purchased in 2016. They invest in two more ACT drying chambers with ECOVENT DUPLEX system and increase the production by 55.000m³.

ACT to Contraflow

Timberlink Tarpeena

At Timberlink Tarpeena, another conversion of existing ACT to CONTRAFLOW kilns is being carried out. The result is impressive:

  • 50% increase in production
  • 30% savings in thermal energy consumption
  • 11% savings in electrical energy consumption.
First dry kiln with PENTAVENT system

Bagaro Maderas

After the development, installation and testing of the new PENTAVENT fan impeller, the following successes can be recorded:

  • 30% increase in efficiency compared to the previous model
  • Bagaro invests additionally in 2 new chambers type MH2000 ACT ECOVENT with front forklift loading
  • 25% saving potential by the ECOVENT DUPLEX system.
ACT to Contraflow

Timberlink New Zealand

At Timberlink New Zealand, an existing ACT plant is converted to a CONTRAFLOW plant for the first time. The result:

  • 50% increase in production
  • 30% savings in thermal energy consumption
  • 11% savings in electrical energy consumption
  • Avoidance of load peaks on the boiler