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Corporate Objectives

Mahild has been active in the field of lumber drying since 1996 and has set itself the goal of building the fastest drying kilns on demand, which offer the highest drying quality, a long life span and lowest energy consumption.

The product range includes pre-dryers, standard dryers, steaming and reconditioning chambers, combi chambers, continuous dryers and heat treatment by TMT kilns.

Mahild's drying processes and kiln technology are in constant development. One of the main concerns is the improvement of the ecological footprint - Dry Green.

Mahild stands for top technology with the best price-performance ratio and is an experienced partner in planning, realization and service for mutually profitable business activities.

A Global Market

Lumber dry kilns for all purposes and all types of wood are available worldwide in variable sizes. Mahild designs individually with regard to respective customer and country requirements. Our dry kilns are easy to assemble and we guarantee a worldwide safe and fast spare parts supply.

Capacity of

kilns per year

Our Products and Services

  • Pre-drying

    The pre-drying of freshly sawn timber is particularly gentle and economical. Valuable timber is dried in a mild climate without discoloration to a moisture content of 20 to 30%. Wood damage caused by uncontrolled drying outdoors can be avoided and the quality of the valuable raw material increased. The main advantage of pre-drying is the lower degradation rates of the wood.

    The Mahild technology integrates the pre-drying process in a pre-dryer or a combined chamber with other drying processes. Pre-dryers with special zone control in all-aluminium design can be constructed for useful volumes of more than 3000 m³ lumber.

  • Steaming and reconditioning
  • Conventional drying
  • Accelerated drying - ACT
  • High temperature drying - UHT
  • Continuous drying - CONTRAFLOW
  • Heat treatment - TMT
  • Special processes
  • Dry kiln for low temperature heating media

Do you need help in choosing the right drying process?

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Energy Strategy

The energy concepts of Mahild kilns are designed to meet customer-specific requirements. Therefore, existing heat sources can be used or Mahild gives advice on an alternative energy concept.

Loading and Door Systems

Choose your individual loading and door system. No matter whether it is forklift, track or continuous feeding; lifting, sliding and/or folding gate; manual, semi or fully automated, we will find the most efficient and space-saving solution for you.

Control Systems

Mahild offers modern, robust, standardized industrial computers and control systems. While the hardware can be provided by the customer, Mahild supplies the software and commissions the entire system. Service-friendly, safe and future-oriented.

Turnkey Installations

In addition to the planning, design and commissioning of the dry kiln, the complete installation of the plant can be carried out by Mahild. This includes the electrical and mechanical installation. For non-turnkey projects a supervisor is provided to direct the installation.


Your existing lumber dry kilns need an update? Mahild can equip them with the latest technology to make them highly productive and environmentally friendly. We suggest necessary modifications and calculate the return of investment.

Training and Consulting

Mahild offers consulting in the field of lumber drying, including: Analysis of the current processes, introduction and implementation of quality controls, operator training, advice and support with the development of drying programs, development of concepts for improvement.

Dry Green - the future of lumber drying

We are constantly working on the further development of our technology with the aim of significantly improving the environmental balance of our plants while maintaining high productivity. For the benefit of our common environment.
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Reduction of the emission of exhausted air
  • Reduction of noise
  • Reduction of the thermal energy
  • Reduction of heat and transmission losses in housing and foundation
  • Reduction of electrical energy by variable air flow during drying
  • Intelligent energy management for the optimum use of heat and increased boiler efficiency.

Development and Innovations



    The new high-efficiency fan impeller increases the efficiency of Mahild lumber drying kilns by up to 30%.

  • LUVO


    The LUVO technology allows the use of low temperature hot water (60-75°C) from exhaust heat of thermal power plants.




    Economical, environmentally friendly and quality enhancing - Mahild's established heat recovery system is available in 6 versions and can contribute to energy savings of up to 25%.






    During lumber drying, natural shrinkage often causes deformation, especially of the upper layers of boards. These deformations can be prevented or limited by the application of weights. The Mahild TOP-PRESS system takes over this task reliably, safely and automatically. One push of a button is enough and the wood stacks in the dryer are loaded with a continuously adjustable load. A constantly high pressing pressure - or one that is automatically adjusted to the drying process - ensures dimensionally stable board material even in the upper layers of the stacks.

  • HPS Humidification

    HPS Humidification

    Thanks to a new reconditioning concept, the conditioning times in Mahild drying chambers can be reduced by up to 50%. The ecological reuse of energy also allows a reduction of drying costs.

  • Wood moisture measurement

    Wood moisture measurement

    The sensor, control and measuring systems of the Mahild plants are in constant development.






    The ECO-THERM system allows the use of inexpensive low-temperature exhaust heat from power plants even in Mahild high-speed drying kilns.



    With the DUO-FAN ventilation technology, maximum performance with low energy consumption is achieved even in large-capacity drying kilns. Economically convincing, ecologically responsible.



    The VARIFLEX air guidance and shutter system reduces useless bypass air flows in the dry kiln and ensures that the air circulating in the chamber is fully effective in the wood to be dried. Reduces energy costs and increases the drying quality.



    Special new materials and construction improvements decisively absorb the fan noise. Noise emissions are reduced while energy consumption is minimized.



    MAHILD AIR is a ventilation system with an extremely high air capacity, for drying facilities of all temperature ranges. The result is very consistent, balanced final wood moisture.

    With constantly short drying times, the user has the possibility of operating special low temperature programs, which maintain the natural colour of the wood.



    New generation of air guiding deflectors provide more uniform air flows over the surface of the wood resulting in faster drying and more uniform final moisture content.



    With the TURBO-VENT system, air flow rates can be increased by up to 20% without installing additional fans or increasing motor power.



    Energy management according to the latest standards. The available thermal energy is used as required -- where the productivity of the kiln requires it and where the quality of the material to be dried dictates it. The results are uniform boiler loads, increased boiler efficiency and reduced emissions and downtimes.



    A uniform colouring of the wood can only be achieved in a completely saturated steam atmosphere. The OXI-VENT system ensures perfect conditions in the steaming chamber, so that uniform wood colouring is achieved and steaming times are significantly reduced.

  • Your expert for lumber drying

  • High-tech timber drying kilns

  • High temperature drying UHT

  • Accelerated drying ACT

  • Steaming and reconditioning

  • Continuous drying CONTRAFLOW

  • Heat treatment TMT

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