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  • Mahild Drying Technologies

    Mahild Drying Technologies

    Your expert for lumber drying and lumber drying kilns

  • MAHILD PV - A contribution to energy transition

    MAHILD PV - A contribution to energy transition

    Mahild equips your drying kiln with photovoltaic systems and thus helps to reduce your ecological footprint. Depending on the electrical connected load of your kiln as well as the latitude and hours of sunshine of your location, up to 20% of electrical energy can be saved.

  • Our Products and Services

Lumber dry kilns for all purposes and all types of wood are available worldwide in variable sizes. Theproduct range includes pre-dryers, standard dryers, steaming and reconditioning chambers, combi chambers, continuous dryers and heat treatment by TMT kilns. Mahild designs individually with regard to respective customer and country requirements. Our dry kilns are easy to assemble and we guarantee a worldwide safe and fast spare parts supply.

Your existing lumber dry kilns need an update? Mahild can equip them with the latest technology to make them highly productive and environmentally friendly. We suggest necessary modifications and calculate the return of investment.

Mahild offers modern, robust, standardized industrial computers and control systems. While the hardware can be provided by the customer, Mahild supplies the software and commissions the entire system. Service-friendly, safe and future-oriented.

The energy concepts of Mahild kilns are designed to meet customer-specific requirements. Therefore, existing heat sources can be used or Mahild gives advice on an alternative energy concept.

Choose your individual loading and door system. No matter whether it is forklift, track or continuous feeding; lifting, sliding and/or folding gate; manual, semi or fully automated, we will find the most efficient and space-saving solution for you.

In addition to the planning, design and commissioning of the dry kiln, the complete installation of the plant can be carried out by Mahild. This includes the electrical and mechanical installation. For non-turnkey projects a supervisor is provided to direct the installation.

Mahild offers consulting in the field of lumber drying, including: Analysis of the current processes, introduction and implementation of quality controls, operator training, advice and support with the development of drying programs, development of concepts for improvement.

  • Lumber drying

The pre-drying of freshly sawn timber is particularly gentle and economical. Valuable timber is dried in a mild climate without discoloration to a moisture content of 20 to 30%. Wood damage caused by uncontrolled drying outdoors can be avoided and the quality of the valuable raw material increased. The main advantage of pre-drying is the lower degradation rates of the wood.

The Mahild technology integrates the pre-drying process in a pre-dryer or a combined chamber with other drying processes. Pre-dryers with special zone control in all-aluminium design can be constructed for useful volumes of more than 3000 m³ lumber.

The steaming of wood at the beginning of the drying process is a common practice when drying hard or hard-to-dry lumber. The main objectives are to improve the colour distribution of the wood and to heat it gently to achieve better drying conditions.

Steaming the wood at the end of the drying process is called conditioning. The aim of conditioning is to reduce the transverse and longitudinal tensions in the wood occurring during the drying process and to ensure stress-free sawn timber.

Steaming and reconditioning processes can be either integrated into the dry kiln or externalised in special steaming or reconditioning chambers. Mahild offers steaming and conditioning chambers in all dimensions and for all heating media.

The conventional drying technology is carried out at temperatures of 55°- 80°C and is a very economical solution for drying high-quality wood. Each plant is specially designed according to the type of wood and customer-specific requirements.

The Mahild standard dryer is a classic and is specifically designed for your lumber and location.

ACT: Accelerated Conventional Temperature

Compared to conventional drying, the latest generation of high-speed kilns enables a significant reduction in drying times. Special heating and conditioning programmes ensure tension-free, uniform drying and enable immediate further processing of the dried goods. This drying technology is particularly suitable for drying fast-growing plantation woods (such as Pinus Radiata, Pinus Elliottii or Pinus Taeda,...).

Mahild drying kilns of the ACT type can be fed with single, double or multiple tracks, either in cycles or in continuous operation. The ACT technology is particularly efficient in combination with the Mahild CONTRAFLOW design.

UHT: Ultra Hight Temperature - For high performance with temperatures from 95 to over 140°C.

UHT technology is the fastest and most economical process for drying construction timber and packaging assortments. Mahild UHT kilns guarantee high productivity and allow drying of several batches within 24 hours. The right way not only for special assortments and mass production in the construction timber sector.

ULTRA high temperature processes require robust, highly reliable kiln technology with the highest quality standards and functional reliability of the kiln components for continuous operation.

The new Mahild CONTRAFLOW kiln offers an extremely low energy consumption and increased drying quality. Compared to conventional continuous dryers, up to 30% less thermal energy consumption is achieved with extremely uniform final moisture distribution. Intelligent multi-zone control and integrated conditioning phases offer high flexibility for lumber thickness changes during operation. The Mahild CONTRAFLOW can be used with high, medium and low temperatures. There are no limits to the maximum kiln capacity - depending on customer requirements. Several wood thicknesses can be dried simultaneously to the desired final moisture content.

Thermally Modified Timber (TMT)

Temperature and steam treated wood is a modern product. The thermal treatment allows the colour properties of the wood to be adapted to the customer's requirements and the weather resistance and thermal insulation properties to be improved. In addition, the wood is more resistant to the attack of insects and microorganisms.

For the treatment and refinement of soft and hard wood, kilns with a useful volume of well over 100 m³ are available. The continuously further developed kilns for the thermal modification of wood (TMT) are characterised by low energy consumption and integrated heating systems and can be operated independently of complex boiler systems. Mahild TMT plants are designed for treatment temperatures up to 240 °C. The process requires precise control: a task for the MM4000 controller with special software, which logs all relevant data of the treatment.

Download the brochure of a reference customer here

All Mahild dry kilns can be equipped for low temperature heating media. Hot water from flue gas condensation or return flow of thermal processes can be used for lumber drying.

Present us with your drying problem and we will find the right solution for you. We have designed and built dryers for paper products, veneer re-drying and conditioning chambers for various hygroscopic products.

Send us your technical parameters in a project request. Click here to get to the corresponding form.

  • Save energy with Mahild technology

Efficiency enhancement

with PENTAVENT, the new high-efficiency fan impeller

Thermal energy saving

thanks to SUPERECOVENT, the latest model of our well-established heat recovery system.

Electrical energy saving

through the latest generation of our control technology

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Mahild has been active in the field of lumber drying since 1996 and has set itself the goal of building the fastest drying kilns on demand, which offer the highest drying quality, a long life span and lowest energy consumption. The product range includes pre-dryers, standard dryers, steaming and reconditioning chambers, combi chambers, continuous dryers and heat treatment by TMT kilns. Mahild's drying processes and kiln technology are in constant development. One of the main concerns is the improvement of the ecological footprint - Dry Green. Mahild stands for top technology with the best price-performance ratio and is an experienced partner in planning, realization and service for mutually profitable business activities.


  • Foundation of the company

    Die Mahild Drying Technologies GmbH is founded by wood technology experts and wood technology engineers who have been working in the field of wood drying for over 40 years and who play a decisive influence on the technology of all-aluminum drying chambers.
  • First generation UHT

    The first generation of the high-temperature dryer UHT enables a 50% reduction in drying time compared to conventional drying.
  • The history of lumber drying is rewritten

    The first Mahild ACT high-speed dryers with air speeds of up to 9 m/s "rewrite the book of drying history" (citing a well known research scientist of FRI in NZ). Cycle times can be reduced from 60 to 50 hours. The OXIVENT system revolutionizes the steam treatment of sawn timber.
  • Contributions to Science

    Two industrial laboratory dryers are built and made available for practical research. One dryer for softwood with a capacity of approx. 35 m³ and one for hardwood with a useful volume of approx. 30 m³.

    With the commissioning of the first ECOVENT system, the development of the successful Mahild heat recovery system begins
  • Increase in efficiency

    Direct heated large capacity dryers allow an 10% increase in thermic efficiency in the hard wood drying process.
  • Introduction of the computer control MM4000

    From now on, Mahild lumber drying kilns are controlled by our own computer control system and can be individually adapted to the customer's needs.
  • Bigger and better

    Commissioning of the world's largest pre-dryer with 28 m free span in aluminium construction. The first large-capacity dryer type MH2000 VT-K-Reco combines drying and steaming with a net capacity of 450 m³.
  • The annual production rises to over 100 units

  • Development and improvement

    Introduction of the ECO-HEAT system to control the thermal energy demand of 18 chambers. Mahild ACT fast dryers of the 3rd generation allow drying times of 40 h for 38 mm softwood at drying temperatures below 100 °C.
  • Weighing system

    Introduction of a new method for the determination of the wood moisture content by means of weight measurements of the entire dryer batch.
  • Automated air guiding devices

    The automation of air guiding devices reduces loading times and increases operational safety

    Mahild's second generation heat recovery system provides thermal energy savings of up to 8%.
  • Annual production increases to over 170 kilns

  • New developments

    The new TURBOVENT system increases the drying capacity in ACT and UHT chambers by 20% without additional electric consumption. An automated door system is presented to ensure faster and safer door operation. The latest generation of UHT technology achieves drying times of 6-7 h for 40 mm softwood

    The third-generation energy-saving system reduces thermal energy consumption by up to 12% while reducing noise emissions.
  • Annual production increases to 240 kilns

  • Expansion

    Commissioning of the new manufacturing hall with 7000 m² production area and an annual capacity of 500 units.

    Further development of the aerodynamics for optimized, uniform air velocities in the dryer. The result is the UNI-VENT system. Dryers of all types can now be supplied in the MH 2000 AIR version. The higher air velocity in the chambers allows up to 40% faster drying. Set-up of the first "whisper" dry kiln of the MAHILD MH 2000 LOW NOISE series. Extremely low noise emission and high thermal insulation range characterize this series.
  • Mahild remote maintenance

    With the latest version of the Mahild computer control system with industrial hardware and software, it is possible for the first time to carry out programme adjustments remotely.
  • New wood drying processes

    The second generation of TMT kilns for the temperature treatment of wood is introduced in Europe and South America. The plants can be operated without boiler plants. New generation of ultra-high temperature chambers type MH 2000 UHT ST enables significant energy savings, even faster drying and extremely low maintenance intervals. New drying process for impregnated wood is introduced to the market.
  • Control system MM 8500

    Market launch of the trend-setting control system MM 8500, equipped with: Automatic drying guidance without wood moistness sensors. Wireless wood moisture measurement. Weight measurement according to the principle of sample boards.

    The new MM4100 control system with CLIMATE MULTI-MEASURING is used for the first time in Europe.
  • Modern manufacturing processes

    New fully automatic CNC machining centre goes into operation and enables fast and flexible "just-in-time" production. The use of even higher quality materials with higher strength values is now possible. In addition, a computer-controlled profiled sheet rolling mill starts production.

    The innovative DUO-FAN ventilation system sets new standards for energy consumption and economical lumber drying.
  • Quality improvements

    Introduction of large capacity chambers in complete stainless steel construction for extreme applications. Development of a exhaust gas cleaning process for TMT kilns with thermal reuse of the generated heat energy.
  • TMT40

    First wood modification chambers of the type MAHILD TMT40 goes into operation with excellent results in quality and productivity.

    Zonal wood moisture measuring system is introduced. The average moisture content of several cubic metres of wood can be determined per zone.
  • Mahild is earthquake-proof

    Development and construction of earthquake-proof large-capacity dryers for high risk earthquake areas.

    The ECOVENT DUPLEX system is introduced to the market with double efficiency.
  • Weight based wood moisture measuring system

    New weight based wood moisture measurement system is introduced. High-precision scales inside the drying chamber weight single board samples, wood stacks or complete chamber batches to measure the wood moisture.
  • New developments:

    FLEXPRESS clamping system to minimize deformation of the uppermost boards in the stack. CONTRAFLOW continuous dryer with counter-rotating feed with constant heat consumption, complete reuse of exhaust air energy and production capacities up to 150 000 m³ p.a.

    ECOVENT SOLAR combines the proven ECOVENT system with additional use of solar energy.
  • Modernised production processes

    A revolutionary new welding system for piping is introduced in the production plant, which can meet all standards (BS, ANSI, DIN, ISO, etc.). Installation of welding robots of the latest generation for the production of heating coils.
  • ADC drying program

    ADC drying programs based on real-time weight measurement of the drying charge are developed
  • LUVO I

    The new Mahild LUVO technology allows the use of low temperature hot water (60-75°C) from exhaust heat of thermal power plants and reaches return temperatures of up to 40°C.

    Adapted to each customer, each kiln and each Species, the Multi-Hum estimates the moiture content during the entire drying process. Using research performed by our own wood technologies engineering team, we were able to develop a formula that uses the current conditions in the kiln to determine a very accurate moisture measurement, eliminating the need for wired probes or any other type of direct measuring of moisture.

    The PROZONE wood moisture measuring device was successfully used in the CONTRAFLOW kiln for the first time.
  • ECOVENT DUPLEX retrofitting

    Existing drying kilns (independent of the manufacturer) can be upgraded with the ECOVENT DUPLEX system and heat energy savings of up to 25% can be achieved. In addition, a technique for returning condensate from ECOVENT and ECOVENT DUPLEX units to the conditioning process is being developed.
  • New production technology

    A new laser processing centre enables a production expansion of sheet metal processing by 45%. Commissioning of a new coil line for shaping and cutting of aluminium sheets.
  • Special drying processes

    Special drying process MH2000 ZT for pulp products for the insulation of power transformers is developed. Commissioning of the MH2000 LT paint dryer with automatic zone control technology for drying water-based paints and in a space-saving multiple-tier design.
  • Developments

    TMT systems can be designed with combined heating media to reduce gas consumption. MH ACTIVE exhaust air control of ECOVENT ventilation systems prevents the emission of heated dryer air into the environment.
  • The development continues

    Development of the hydraulic pressure beam system TOP-PRESS of the next generation for the individual pressure load for every single package in the drying chamber. Introduction of the process gas cleaning system MH EFLOX for pressure-controlled post-combustion of exhaust gases from TMT processes. The new drying schedule MH CRT allows productivity increases of 10% with simultaneous savings of 10% in thermal and electrical energy.
  • Multiple SCADA options

    The Mahild control software can be implemented with the following user interfaces: WINCC, Wonderware/AVEVA, Intouch, Citect, RSView.
  • CONTRAFLOW modernization concept

    Development of a modernization concept for the conversion of existing double or single-track loaded lumber drying kilns to a CONTRAFLOW continuous dry kiln, providing an increase of 50% in production with no additional thermal energy requirements.
  • New laser processing centre

    Commissioning of a Trumpf laser processing centre for fully automatic tube processing.

    The 2nd generation of the MAHILD LUVO system is launched. Due to the high air capacity, short drying times can be achieved despite low temperature drying.

    The SUPERECOVENT system allows a significant increase in efficiency through a central exhaust air ducting of several combined chambers.
  • CFMT

    First CONTRAFLOW plant in the conventional temperature range is put into operation
  • SUPERECOVENT with subsequent exhaust air condensation

    In addition to heat recovery, our latest development of the SUPERECOVENT system can draw energy from the exhaust air condensation. This results in thermal energy savings of over 35%.

    The 3rd generation of the MAHILD LUVO system is installed for the first time and can be combined with a noise protection module.
  • Modern user interface

    Control software gets a modern user interface

    The Mahild CONTRAFLOW is built for the first time with U-conveying and one gate
  • PROZONE wireless

    From now on, wood moisture readings can be wirelessly transmitted to the control system.

    The new high-efficiency fan impeller PENTAVENT is launched and increases the efficiency of Mahild wood drying kilns by up to 30%.

    By preventing the formation of flash steam in drying kilns using this medium, MAHILD's new LUVO system achieves additional savings of up to 15%.
Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

At MAHILD we are committed to good environmental practices and are working towards reducing the environmental impact of our business.

We are endeavouring continues improvements resulting in the reduction of our carbon footprint.

  • We are committed to reducing our energy consumption and water usage during drying
  • Recycle heat, water and electricity where feasible
  • Reduce noise and exhaust air emissions
  • Train, improve awareness and include our teams to help implement and continually improve our environmental objectives
  • Commit to our objectives by providing services which exceed our customers requirements and expectations
  • Encourage the use of environmentally sustainable components
  • Encourage suppliers and customers to operate good environmental practice and improve their own environmental awareness
  • Monitor our policy and objectives to ensure they are implemented - Green team

This policy has been reviewed by the board of directors who are committed to operate good environmental practices in all companies of the Mahild Group.

Thank you for your help in preserving the earth's resources.



Mahild works according to the lean management principle with the most advanced production techniques and strict quality controls. In order to offer our customers an optimal price-performance ratio, we rely on efficient production methods that are constantly being developed and optimized. The strategic orientation is focused on quality production in Western Europe, with high-tech production lines. These include a fully automatic, computer-controlled production line for sheet metal components, welding robots for the manufacture of piping and heating coils, and a laser processing centre. This novel processing technology allows the use of high-quality, robust raw materials and guarantees a high degree of functional reliability of all Mahild products - even under the most difficult operating conditions.